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I'm Kit, I'm a UX Designer based in Chicago with a global network.  I came to UX design by way of the arts, where I strived to distill complex ideas into subtly resonant objects.  I use a balance of conceptual and technical approaches to problem solving  in order to create something unique, but relatable.

Fine art led to a career in exhibition management. My experiences have required me to facilitate a diverse range of clientele under very tight deadlines with drastically differing budgets.  In short, I’ve had to be nimble, resourceful, and perceptive to succeed.  A little scrappiness doesn’t hurt, either.  My aim has been to find practical solutions to abstract problems while staying true to the originator's vision. 

As a UX designer, I get to indulge my love of creative problem solving.  Brainstorming and ideation are my favorite parts of the job.  I love turning constraints into freedoms in order to help things function at their fullest potential.